Introducing FileMaker as Your Workplace Innovation Platform

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FileMaker, Inc. recently adopted a new core message that encapsulates the strength of their software platform and helps business leaders better understand their focus.

FileMaker is a Workplace Innovation Platform. Essentially, the platform bridges the gap between appliance applications (like Quickbooks, Microsoft Office, file sharing) and enterprise systems (ERPs, CRMs) in order to free up time to focus on critical and strategic projects by eliminating manual processes, managing spreadsheets, disconnected systems and administrative tasks.

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Are you spending too much time on repetitive tasks? Do you feel like your time would be better spent working to grow your business, but you’re too bogged-down with manual processes?

You are in a work rut. It’s likely that you’re using a mix of limited appliance apps and enterprise systems that have a different focus and are cumbersome to customize. This is where a Workplace Innovation Platform comes in – it’s a customizable tool that allows you to put your ideas and expertise into action.

FileMaker’s Workplace Innovation Platform provides a way to easily create applications that can be shared across your organization and integrated into your other applications. There’s no other tool that’s as easy to get started with developing that still has the depth to create powerful applications. While the ability for self-service development is one huge advantage to the FileMaker platform, the efficient development toolset also means that working with a development partner amplifies your return on investment.

Innovation made simple with FileMaker

Innovation is the driving force behind FileMaker. When it comes to building custom apps, getting an idea out of your head and into the world can be a daunting task. FileMaker focuses on removing the barriers between ideation and actualization. A basic custom app can be produced in minutes – hours instead of weeks – months. Choosing a platform with a low entry barrier and quick delivery time means that you’re able to achieve results with a small, initial investment, while still reaping the rewards of having a customized tool.

MainSpring's development process

MainSpring has rolled out a new way for clients to work with our expert development teams that’s specifically driven by the rhythms of developing in the FileMaker platform. Our AMP Pro program provides our clients with the process and tools to quickly deliver custom applications. We teach you how to define and communicate your ideas so that they can be translated into working custom applications as quickly as possible. Once your applications are deployed, we work with you to provide continued proactive development so that you can adopt a cycle of continuous improvement and innovation. MainSpring also provides cloud hosting, application, and end user support, making FileMaker easy to integrate into your organization.

Free development consultation

MainSpring’s expertise in the FileMaker platform extends over 20 years. Our team of skilled consultants and certified developers is paired with processes and tools that we’ve developed to ensure success. If you’re stuck in a work rut, or think that there must be a better way to get your team to achieve their goals—chances are that FileMaker’s Workplace Innovation Platform is the solution that you need.

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