2015 Resolutions, Filemaker-style

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Now that 2015 has rung in here in Columbus, Ohio, it’s unfortunately followed by a cold, dreary rainstorm instead of the usual snow. Last year was a remarkable for Anvil Dataworks and now we’re running full steam ahead by taking time to get more involved in the FileMaker community.

So I asked myself, what are my FileMaker-related resolutions for 2015? I took it one step further and asked the (newly upgraded) FileMaker community forum to chime in as well.

2015 Resolutions
FileMaker Resolutions for 2015:

Learn a new language
I’m not talking German or Spanish, rather a new programming language. With the plethora of video tutorial programs out there, new languages can be learned easily as long as you stick with it! Better yet, there are a lot of new integration possibilities with FileMaker, making languages such as PHP, Java, JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS3 valuable companions in your skillset.

Convert that old solution
There’s probably someone you can think of off the top of your head that still is working on something FileMaker version 11 or older. Make an effort to try and convert them in 2015. With the file format change in FM12, the release of FM13 and the inevitable subsequent versions; support for FM11 is over, and you should consider the longevity of having a solution that can upgrade with new hardware and software as it’s released. So buckle down, innovate and spend some time converting!

Secure your solutions
It seems that security breaches are a weekly occurrence nowadays. Last year was no exception, as Network World recapped the highest profile ones of 2014. So the question I ask of you is, do you feel safe?

After attending a session at Pause on Error this past fall, I can tell you that I do not feel safe. There are many ways that you can mistakenly make your files vulnerable, so spend some time doing an ethical duty and improve the security of your files.

Look out for my upcoming video blog post “If you had one hour,” which will show you all you need to know about FileMaker security within an hour presentation. I will also be presenting this topic at user groups in early 2015!

Attend DevCon 2015
DevCon 2015 is a special occasion; it’s the 20th anniversary of FileMaker v1.0!

FileMaker has come a long way in 20 years, and there’s no better place to learn about what’s new in FileMaker than DevCon. Don’t forget, attendees usually get a free copy of FileMaker Pro Advanced!

There have been many innovations in the past few years on the FileMaker platform, but I think it can be pushed further. What are the limits of the webviewer in WebDirect? How can FileMaker Go integrate more with iOS apps? Can an old standard be re-invented in a new way?

This year will be another year of innovation, and I’m looking forward to being a part of it! What are your resolutions for 2015?