FileMaker 17 Licensing Updates

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MainSpring is excited to announce the release of FileMaker 17! With the new release, FileMaker, Inc. is changing their licensing program to be dramatically more simple and user-friendly.

New features of FileMaker 17 licensing programs

The new licensing programs will license the entire FileMaker platform—there are no longer separate products, so everyone receives access to all aspects of FileMaker. Another major change is that there’s no longer a difference between FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Pro Advanced; all copies of the desktop client can enable the Advanced functionality.

FileMaker Data API

The FileMaker Data API is also now fully released and covered by the new licensing programs. The Data API allows for unlimited inbound data and 2GB of data usage per month for each licensed user on an annual basis. Essentially, if you have 10 users, that means you’re licensed for 240GB of outbound Data API transfers every year. If you find you need more than that, though, all you have to do is increase your user count.

Single license key

Perhaps the most convenient change to the licensing program is that each licensing contract will have a single license key. That license key will also remain the same from version to version for as long as your contract is active. This greatly simplifies deployment, as well as the management of license keys.

Three licensing programs available

There are now three different licensing programs: User licensing, Site licensing, and Concurrency licensing. In all cases, users can choose to purchase an annual or perpetual license. Most companies, however, will utilize the User licensing program.

User licensing

User licensing is based upon the total number of users who will be using FileMaker in an organization. All of those users will be able to access FileMaker Solutions using FileMaker Pro Advanced, FileMaker Go, and FileMaker WebDirect. User License holders will also be able to install up to three instances of FileMaker Server. If you have annual licensing, one of the three server instances can be installed in FileMaker Cloud.

Site licensing

Site licensing continues to offer a wonderful value for organizations with a large percentage of FileMaker users. Site licensing continues to have a minimum head count of 25 users. However, Site License holders are now only able to install as many licenses of FileMaker Server as they have in their headcount, which is a slight change from the previously unlimited number of FileMaker servers.

Concurrency licensing

Concurrency licensing continues to be an option for companies that require a shared pool of anonymous connections for WebDirect and FileMaker Go. Concurrency contracts can only install a single instance of FileMaker Server, and they have the highest cost per user. The good thing is that most instances of concurrent connections that were licensed in conjunction with the previous volume license program can now probably be covered by the new User Licensing program.

What to expect when you receive your FileMaker 17 license key

For users that are under an annual contract, or have maintenance for their perpetual license, here’s what you can expect when you receive your FileMaker 17 license keys:

  • Volume licensing and Team licensing becomes User licensing
  • Volume licenses transitioning to User licenses will have a user count equivalent to the number of copies of Pro and Pro Advanced
  • If you have multiple contracts, you will receive one key for each contract in the same email
  • If you have a Volume license and Concurrent Connections for your server, you will receive a User license and a Concurrency license

Save money with price protection

Don’t forget about price protection! FileMaker is offering price protection for users for the first year after release. This means you can renew your contract at FileMaker 16 pricing for up to one year after the release of FileMaker 17. When you renew your contract, you can also renew for up to three years, which locks in substantial savings.