FileMaker 13 Licensing Options

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With the release of FileMaker 13, we’ve seen a monumental feature release with the new FileMaker WebDirect deployment abilities. However, with WebDirect, there comes a new licensing model for FileMaker as well. Here’s a review of the different licensing options for the FileMaker 13 product line:

FileMaker Pro
The desktop version of FileMaker is still the best way to leverage all of the available features of FileMaker 13 for your desktop users.

FileMaker Pro Advanced
A must for any developer, FileMaker Pro Advanced allows you to use powerful developer tools in addition to the features of FileMaker Pro.

FileMaker Server
FileMaker has replaced its dual server products, Server and Server Advanced, with a single unified FileMaker server 13 product. The administration console has been completely reworked, and the WebDirect service replaced the aging IWP feature of previous versions.

FileMaker Connection Packs
FileMaker Connection Packs allow WebDirect users and FileMaker Go users to connect to a FileMaker 13 server. The connection packs can be added on to a FileMaker server license in sets of five. After 50 connections, an unlimited option is also available. Please consider the hardware requirements of WebDirect if you plan to have a lot of WebDirect users.

FileMaker Go
FileMaker Go 13 is free from the iOS app store. It replaces FileMaker Go 12, and can still be used with a FileMaker 12 server. However, due to the connection pack licenses, you need to have a connection pack available to FileMaker Server 13 to connect to FileMaker 13.

All of FileMaker’s products are available off the shelf from the FileMaker store. There are discounts available to multi-user groups as well. With the annual licensing plans, you can get a multi-user environment outfit with software for a relatively low investment. Annual licensing plans also include version upgrades as well, and allow you to budget for software costs in advance, rather than a high investment upfront.

Bulk licensing options:

VLA licensing
The volume license option allows you to purchase a one-time bulk order of FileMaker licenses. FileMaker Pro, Pro Advanced and Server are all eligible for this plan. VLA options usually come at a better cost than purchasing off-the-shelf.

AVLA licensing
Annual Volume Licensing Agreement allows you to get a volume license of FileMaker at a significantly lower investment. For a yearly fee, your software is kept up to date with the latest major releases at no charge for upgrades.

ASLA licensing
Annual Site Licensing, and SLA, is geared towards organizations that have more than 25 users. With a larger group comes a larger discount. Since this license is annual, you get the same benefits as AVLA, except even better pricing for your large group.

SLA licensing
Site Licensing Agreements are also designed for organizations with more than 25 users. Unlike ASLA, it is a one-time fee. This can be more expensive up front than ASLA, but it is only a one-time investment, until you decide to upgrade.