Associate Application Developer Career Path for Recent Graduates

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Growing up, everyone insists that a college education will open so many doors—and it definitely can! ...But, what they don't tell you is just how competitive it can be to find a job (let alone a potential career job).

After graduation, you start looking around for an opportunity to start your career. Suddenly, you find yourself in this whirlpool of candidates (all just as qualified as you) pining for the same entry-level position. What's more, the worst part is that—nine times out of ten—the entry-level position has zero growth potential... Seasoned workforce veterans chalk it up to being the "first rung on the ladder"—a step you have to take just to gain experience and clear that "entry-level" label. And once you've put in (at least) two years of hard work, sweat and tears, only then can you move on and find a job within your desired career path... How can that be fair?

Let me be clear—it isn't.

You worked hard in your four years at school; you went the extra mile, taking on additional work and responsibilities to help distinguish yourself (not to mention your huge monetary investment). So, why waste your time competing for a job with a dead end? 

You deserve to work for a company that recognizes your hard work—a company that wants to invest in you and your potential. A company that offers guaranteed growth potential.

Did you just graduate from college?
Did you major in programming or related field?
Are you passionate about development?

MainSpring's Associate Developer career path may be the perfect fit for you.


Associate Application Developer

Job Location: Towson/Baltimore Metro Area
Type: Fulltime, Mon-Fri
Start Date: Immediately

The Developer is responsible for designing, developing and implementing creative application solutions for a variety of government and commercial U.S and international clients. The ideal developer is innovative and efficient, and will adhere to proven processes and standards outlined in the MainSpring Agile Development process.

Primary roles & responsibilities:
  • Develop and support software and database applications for the MainSpring client base as well as for internal projects
  • Ensure project development/features remain in scope and proactively communicate with the team and the client throughout the course of projects
  • Provide budget and schedule updates to the project manager
  • Schedule and actively contribute to project meetings
  • Manage change order process for projects
  • Meet/exceed billable utilization targets
  • Maintain proficiency and certification in development platforms as required ​
Job requirements & qualifications:
  • Bachelor’s degree in a related field preferred, comparable experience required
  • Experience with FileMaker, Objective C, Swift, MySQL, HTML, CSS and PHP
  • Experience with the Agile development process preferred, not required
  • Fundamental knowledge of database and application design, scripting, data parsing, technical documentation
  • Knowledge of relational database design and concepts with a primary focus on FileMaker and PHP development
  • Demonstrate ability to work as part of an application development team; create task lists, timelines and deliverables, work to meet project schedules determined by others
  • Excellent communication and customer service skills
  • Demonstrated strong history of success with managing processes, people and projects
  • Must work out of Towson, MD office
About MainSpring

MainSpring is an IT strategy and consulting firm that arms organizations with the strategy, tools and resources to grow. We foster a family-friendly, innovative, challenging, fun working environment earning the distinction of being one of Frederick's best places to work and countless awards for employee programs, growth and innovation.

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