FileMaker Tip: Perpetual Slide Control

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A while ago I came across the Android Developer Design Principles document.

I try to keep some of these guidelines in mind when developing new user interfaces, so when I saw the slide control feature in FileMaker 13 I was pretty excited. If you look at that document, the first item is:

Delight me in surprising ways
A beautiful surface, a carefully placed animation or a well-timed sound effect is a joy to experience. Subtle effects contribute to a feeling of effortlessness and a sense that a powerful force is at hand.

The slide view control lends itself very well to this. The whoosh of data, buttons and images from left to right is a really pleasing effect. This Weekview.fmp12 demo focuses on building a week view calendar that utilizes the slide control to give that slide effect, but in a completely endless fashion. The example is pretty basic, but the technique could potentially have many applications.