New Software Vulnerability Zeroes in on Microsoft Programs

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Ray Steen, Chief Strategy Officer, MainSpring, Inc. was quoted by TechNewsWorld on New Software Vulnerability Zeros In On Microsoft Programs

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Ray Steen, CSO with MainSpring, an IT managed services provider in Frederick, Md. agreed that the workaround would have a minimal impact on users. “MSDT is not a general troubleshooter or support tool,” he told TechNewsWorld. “It is only used to share logs with Microsoft technicians during support sessions.”

“Technicians can obtain the same information by other means, including the System Diagnostics Report tool,” he said.

In addition, he noted, “Disabling the URL protocol only prevents MSDT from being launched through a link. Users and remote technicians will still be able to open it manually.”

- John P. Mello Jr., ECT News Network reporter, Article: New Software Vulnerability Zeros In On Microsoft Programs


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