Star Employees Help Improve Benefits and IT Compliance

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If anyone asked me, what’s MainSpring’s most valuable asset?—without hesitation, I’d say it’s the people of MainSpring. The culture they inspire not only creates a legacy of success for themselves, but our clients as well. They’re friendly, down-to-earth and, after a while, they start to feel more like family than colleagues, which, undoubtedly, happens as a result of working for a small business. When we’re not meeting up for pizza or getting together for some sort of fantasy sports’ draft, you can guarantee we all have our sleeves rolled up, working steadily to help our clients and our teammates meet their mission.

…But, anyone who’s worked for a small business knows that the workload is hardly, if ever, steady. On any given day, you could find a myriad of tasks on your “to-do list” that need immediate attention. To stay afloat, small businesses must depend on their employees to own problems, expedite processes and succeed at all costs. Without these core values, MainSpring wouldn’t be where we are today.

This past quarter, we had two prime examples of employees who best exemplified those core values. Between MainSpring’s Human Resources Manager, Theresa Dalton’s, dedicated work negotiating the best deals for the firm’s benefits, and our Client Services guru, Maria Melendez-Lopez’s, diligence in refining and expediting client projects, we concluded that we had co-MVP award recipients this quarter.

Theresa DaltonAmidst the normal managed chaos that ensues when any small business goes through open enrollment, Theresa remained part of a dedicated internal team that helped us renew our 20-year GSA contract—seven months ahead of schedule. Meanwhile, she tirelessly negotiated healthcare and financial benefit programs that help our employees stay focused on their careers and their families. During the hustle and bustle, she ensured teammates understood the changes occurring in the marketplace by hosting educational sessions, and question-and-answer webinars, to maximize staff participation in the programs.



Maria Melendez-Lopez

Likewise, Maria’s tireless efforts this past quarter were integral to our firm’s GSA renewal. Her extensive knowledge of government contracting vehicles helped position MainSpring, our partners and our staff for continued success at home and abroad.

On the commercial front, Maria remains the glue that helps us improve how our clients work. While our technical consultants, support staff and vCIOs strive to make IT both simple and strategic, Maria is the gear that kicks everything into motion. From ordering equipment, to negotiating resources, to customer service—she remains at the center of it all. As a result, last quarter Maria helped our managed IT services team (ProSuite) exceed team goals and priorities across the board, resulting in improved compliance scores related to industry best practices and an increase in client productivity. What more could you ask?

Give it up for our two remarkable Employees of the Quarter!