Hidden Talents at the Beach

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Mimi 1I’d like to introduce Marta Musgrave, who we fondly call Mimi, to the MainSpring team. Mimi is the service coordinator in our IT Support Centre, which is located in sunny Melbourne, Florida. Her disposition definitely matches the weather, which explains why our clients love talking to her so much.

Mimi handles the entire gamut of incoming calls from our clients to the Support Centre, including issues that range from “I can’t print” to “our entire office’s Internet is down.” She is responsible for triaging and managing service requests through every step of the process until it reaches resolution. Even though Mimi feels “it’s not that serious,” all MainSpringers know that this is a formidable attitude to maintain in the sometimes stressful environment she works in.

Mimi 3

Mimi has been remarkably proactive in her role as service coordinator; her thirst for learning and "can-do" attitude have proved invaluable to her team. In fact, she has even taken on some lower-level, technical service requests to help her colleagues close tickets. She's also already created some innovative solutions for our Support Centre—including developing written processes for the dispatch position and creating a “cheat sheet” with pertinent information at a quick glance for customers—just by rolling up her sleeves and digging in!

One of Mimi’s favorite hobbies includes creating unique ceramic pottery. She also loves to take advantage of Florida’s sunny beaches while she reads some of her favorite books and practices her meditation.

Living by the beach has been a dream for Mimi.Mimi family In fact, she loves it so much that if anyone says beach, she’ll come running! Though, while she keeps the beach close, Mimi keeps her family even closer. She loves spending time with her four grandsons and two kids. But any time she can get her family to the beach, she always takes advantage.

We’re very excited to welcome Mimi to the MainSpring family, and I encourage you to welcome her to the team!

And Mimi, we are looking forward to some beautiful pottery making its way to our Maryland offices, including our newest office in the Baltimore area.