MainSpring Developer to Speak at Quebec FileMaker Conference

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FREDERICK, MD – This month, MainSpring Application Developer and two-time FileMaker Community Award winner Mike Beargie will travel internationally to speak at Quebec’s 2018 FileMaker Conference (CQDF).

CQDF allows participants to deepen their knowledge of the FileMaker platform, share experiences and network with other users and developers from around the world.

The conference, held in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, will begin on March 15 and conclude on March 16.

“CQDF is an awesome conference,” Beargie said. “Not only is the time and location ideal for the Midwest and east coast, but it also has a single track of sessions, meaning that all attendees will be in the same room experiencing the same content.” This slight change in schedule lessens the stress of choosing the right session, and allows attendees to have a more positive learning experience.

Beargie’s vast experience and commitment to bettering the FileMaker community made him a clear candidate to speak at CQDF; he was one of only 14 people selected from the international community of FileMaker developers to speak at the conference. As a senior developer, his speaker session is designed to help beginner developers reach the next level in programming FileMaker’s calculation engine.

“FileMaker generally makes developing really easy, but the calculation engine is where things start to get more difficult,” Beargie explained. “My session is geared toward those beginner or intermediate developers that want to deeply understand calculations so they can write clean and useful functions.”

When asked about language barriers, Beargie feels well-prepared. “I had the chance to deliver a presentation in French to the Montreal FileMaker User Group a few years ago,” Beargie said. “I’m really looking forward to speaking in the city again…Montreal is a wonderful place with a great compliment of FileMaker developers.”

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