MainSpring Developer to Speak at Japan’s FileMaker Conference

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FREDERICK, MD – In late October, MainSpring Application Developer and two-time FileMaker Community Award winner, Mike Beargie, will travel internationally to speak at Japan’s 2017 FileMaker Conference. The conference, held in Pacifico, Yokohama, will begin on October 23 and conclude on October 25.

“Compared to FileMaker’s Developers Conference (DevCon) in America, the Japanese conference is considerably different,” Mike Beargie said. “Admission is free, so not only do developers attend, but so do business owners, and anyone else interested in FileMaker. There’s more showcase sessions showing off what FileMaker can do and what it’s used for in Japan, so I’m looking forward to attending those sessions and getting new ideas.”

Beargie speaking at the 2017 FileMaker Developer's Conference

Beargie’s speaker session will cover best practices for multilingual custom apps. Specifically, attendees can learn about interface and layout design tactics supported by the FileMaker platform that allow apps to function seamlessly with multiple languages.

When asked about his own language barriers, Beargie explained, “There actually won’t be any language barrier at all. FileMaker has been great to work with, and I will have a translator with me during the conference.” He added, “Over the years, I’ve made many friends in the Japanese FileMaker community, and they’re all helping me translate my slides and session materials in preparation. I can speak and understand some basic Japanese as well, so I’m looking forward to meeting many people from the Japanese community.”

“Beargie’s renowned presence in the FileMaker world is nothing short of incredible,” said MainSpring CEO, Marshall Micheals. “His sincere dedication and commitment to the worldwide FileMaker community is quite admirable, and [MainSpring is] so proud to have him represent us all the way across the globe.”

This will be Beargie’s first time attending the international conference.

“I’m really looking forward to the conference,” said Beargie. “It’s a rare opportunity to be able to present FileMaker topics internationally, and only a few speakers every year are given the chance to do so, so I’m incredibly grateful.”

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