2022 Study: 50% of SMBs Have a Cybersecurity Plan in Place

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Ray Steen, Chief Strategy Officer, MainSpring, Inc. was quoted by UpCity on Cybersecurity Threat Preparation and Prevention Measures.

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“Remote workers are back to a break-neck work pace, most use multiple devices and they face upwards to 1,000 electronic messages a day. They’re highly susceptible to doing the wrong thing – by accident. As a precaution, businesses should deploy an automated, measurable, and meaningful way to sharpen their employee’s cyber threat skills. Not all security awareness training methods are created equal. It is a necessary evil and insurance brokers and government regulations now require it. But if you’re approaching it to ‘check the box,’ you’re missing out on closing the largest security gap you have: your people. Create a human firewall by making security training a priority, make it simple and fun, and you’ll be surprised how much lower your risk measurably reduces—as well as your insurance premiums.

—Ray Steen, Chief Strategy Officer, MainSpring, Inc.

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