The Best of the New FileMaker 14

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The FileMaker 14 platform was released and we’re excited to share some of the new, innovative features of the FileMaker platform with you and what it means for your business! Here are a few of the new features we use to deliver even more powerful solutions.

FileMaker 14 interface MainSpring Scheduling App
Fastest to the Web, faster on the web

FileMaker WebDirect revolutionized rich Internet delivered applications with the release of FileMaker WebDirect in 2013. This technology allows MainSpring to deliver robust applications to the Web faster and without the need to perform double-duty with separate internal and external facing systems. With FileMaker 14’s redesigned interface and upgrades to WebDirect, we’ve seen speeds of two to three times faster for rendering.

Now it’s possible to deliver these Internet applications to mobile browsers as well, with added support for the Chrome browser on Android, and the Safari browser on iOS. Finally, a new toolbar interface allows us to deliver a consistent interface across the entire platform.

Even better media delivery

Documents, audio, photos and videos are at the heart of many business applications, and the FileMaker platform does a great job organizing, storing and delivering media content tied to a robust data-driven application.

FileMaker improved its media delivery system in the 14 platform with enhanced abilities to interact directly with video and audio files. Multitasking is also supported now, with the ability to interact with your application while the media is streaming. This makes tasks such as note taking and surveys a breeze.

Consistent and useful design

With standardized iconography, in-field labels, great navigation tools and updated theming tools, the list of FileMaker design tools has grown greatly. These tools allow us to deliver a consistent interface with familiar usability to the desktop, Web and mobile devices that keep all of your users connected.

FileMaker, being an Apple subsidiary, helped drive the iOS experience to new levels, making FileMaker Go on the iPad/iPhone/iPod look and feel like using native iOS apps.

More secure than ever

With the encryption and security features that have been made recently, FileMaker 14 has what it takes to be a highly secure platform.

FileMaker Pro will now automatically attempt reconnections to files hosted on a server. This greatly improves the stability of the client-server connection. FileMaker Server now has a rollover server feature, allowing us to rollover seamlessly to a backup if a primary failure occurs.

There are many more features of the FileMaker 14 platform that our development team is already starting to explore. We encourage you to attend our Washington D.C. or Ohio area user groups to learn more!