FileMaker Cloud 1.16 Released

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FileMaker has released FileMaker Cloud version 1.16 worldwide, marking the most significant change to the product since its initial release in the fall of 2016. This update brings a lot of the features that were rolled out with FileMaker Server 16 this past May to the FileMaker Cloud product. You can read the official documentation here.

Installation considerations

If you have auto-maintenance enabled, the update will automatically be installed. Otherwise, the manual update can be installed at any time.

Users logging in with their Amazon OAuth account will need to reset their login after upgrading. This can be done under the Configuration tab, Password and Users section in the FileMaker Cloud admin console.

After updating from versions or specifically, you must refresh your instance that FileMaker Cloud is running on via the AWS control panel. This will allow you to attach/detach snapshots of database volumes without issues.

Fixed bugs

FileMaker fixed a major bug that could cause record corruption in special cases where a user commits a record during an auto-reconnect attempt after network failure or returning from hibernation.

New features

OAuth 2.0 Client Authentication hosted files. Provides greater flexibility in setting up secure systems.

PDF and Print support

WebDirect users accessing FileMaker Cloud databases will now be able to fully use the Print, Print Setup and Save Records as PDF script steps. The FileMaker Cloud Script Engine also supports the Print Setup and Save Records as PDF script step.

Server side scripts

FileMaker Admin API is a new REST API feature allowing you to perform administrative tasks on FileMaker Cloud. See the entire guide here.*

Custom web publishing

FileMaker Data API is a REST API replacing Custom Web Publishing for interacting with FileMaker Data from outside web services.This standardized format allows developers to integrate any platform with FileMaker solutions on the cloud. Plus, the Tableau Web Data Connector now supports FileMaker Cloud data sources.

* FileMaker lists these APIs as trials that expire on September 27th 2018. It is expected that the final versions will be available by that time.