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Angela Price

About Angela Price

Angela joined MainSpring in 2015 as a technical writer and e-Learning developer. She specializes in training development and coordination. As an active member of the Association for Talent Development (ATD), Angela stays current on new research and trends in training and employee development. Angela enjoys listening to live music, chauffeuring her sons to activities, baking, reading, and coloring–but ALWAYS inside the lines

Articles by Angela Price

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The Training Game

Like many people in my generation, much of my knowledge of the westward expansion of the United States came from playing Oregon Trail. I learned all about the pioneers who braved the gruesome...

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Microlearning—Next Generation Training

The rise of technology in our everyday lives has changed (and continues to change) how we communicate. If something’s worth saying, it’s worth saying in 140 characters or less. Why stay up for the 10...

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Demand Interactivity from Your Online Training

When you were younger, how did you finally learn to tie your shoes? Was it when… You were told to use your free hand and pull the shoelace through? You watched your parent tie your shoes for the...

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