Win the Talent War with Technology

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A sign-on bonus, extra vacation time, a hybrid work schedule, and even a paid family adventure vacation. Those are just a few incentives that organizations in the DC, Virginia, and Maryland (DMV) region are offering potential new hires. The DMV talent war is here.

This blog reveals another company incentive that may be overlooked in today’s talent war.  That incentive is managed technology services. Yes, a smooth day at the office or as a work from home (WFH) employee is a benefit many seek. That smooth operational day is often brought to you by the team managing your technology services.

5 ways technology improves your workday

Technology helps employees work faster, smarter, and from almost anywhere. Over time, a smooth workday experience overshadows a sign-on bonus or a few extra days of vacation. As employees transition back to the office or a hybrid work schedule, they seek impactful technology to improve the work experience.

Here are some ways that technology can be used to improve the work experience.

  1. Cloud-based services allow employees to connect to the business whenever and from wherever even from multiple smart devices. Increased flexibility leads to enhanced collaboration. As a business leader, you may find that cloud-based services provide cost savings.
  2. Business analytics, through technology, leads to better decisions at a faster pace. Teams working on business strategy will appreciate your business analytics capability.
  3. Automated HR tools, including smartphone and tablet apps, let your employees efficiently manage their benefits.
  4. Don’t forget about the benefits of updated hardware. From employee hardware, such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops to backend hardware, you can improve productivity through updated hardware.
  5. Is it time to update the software available to your employees? Consider software subscriptions as a way to provide the latest software at cost savings.

Survey your current employees

If you are left wondering if technology plays a role in the employee experience, it is time to survey your employees. Ask your employees and team leaders for honest feedback on the impact of your current technology plan on their workday.

  • How does their workday start? Is it a seamless start, or do they struggle to log on while using your current VPN?
  • How easy is it to manage their benefits, such as completing a vacation request or enter their time into a time-tracking system?
  • Would collaboration tools ensure that teams can quickly and easily work on projects?
  • Are they using a calendar system to manage a hybrid work week, and is the system working for them?
  • Is there a technology solution that would improve the hybrid work week?

Recently, I wrote a blog about creating a hybrid workplace. You can find MainSpring vCIO Kurt Schneider’s excellent tip for creating a hybrid work schedule in this post here.

Would your sales team benefit from a refresh of the CRM software used to track potential business? Would better business analytics or connecting multiple systems together improve sales and increase their commissions?

Is there an industry-specific software package that would ensure that your company stays competitive? Potential new hires want to work for a leading company in the industry. Current software gives you the edge.

Ask your HR department for feedback. As they provide exit interviews while off-boarding employees, they often get suggestions. Could that issue be corrected through a technology refresh?

Do not forget to survey your technology team. As the economy bounces back and your employees return to the office or a hybrid environment, there is no doubt that they are reaching out to your technology team for assistance. Your tech team usually has their finger on the pulse of the office, and it is time to start asking them for feedback if you don’t already have a system that draws that feedback in daily.

Surveying your employees not only allows you to correct problems, but it provides feedback that you will later use to craft your story.

(You may have surveyed your employees in past years, but it is time to complete a new survey.  Remember, this is a unique work environment. COVID-19 and WFH changed the work environment.  It also changed the expectations of those now looking for employment at organizations in the DMV region.)

Tell your technology story

Interviewing a potential new employee is a two-way street. If you want to win the talent war, you need to tell the story of your organization. It is time to include your technology story in the interview process.

If potential new employees want to work for a top-tier company, they already know the benefits of technology. Here is a quote from a recent blog from WorkDay.

“Today’s appetite to accelerate digital should come as no surprise, given the plethora of benefits it brings…Digital-first organizations are twice as profitable and deliver eight times the revenue of their non-digital peers in the industry. Those are compelling numbers.” 

As you survey your current employees, there is no doubt that you will hear some buzz words that can be used to tell your story. Perhaps, you may even get a testimonial that can be used as a magnet for applicants.

There are no signs that the talent war in our region is subsiding. The growth of your company depends on hiring new employees with diverse skills.

Be sure to include the benefits of your technology plan as you interview potential new team members.

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