MainSpring vCIO Insights: Current Technology Trends

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Recently, we published a blog outlining the reasons that some technology goals remain unmet. Traditionally, IT professionals and teams plan for the incoming year in Q4. It's a time to reflect on what worked and what goals were not met. And it is a time for restructuring and planning.

It is also a great time to sit down with the MainSpring vCIO team. Over a cup of coffee, I recently sat down with our team and asked about the technology trends of today and what is needed for tomorrow.

Current technology trends in the DMV region

What are technology managers talking about in the DC, Maryland, and Virginia regions? Recently, we brought you technology updates on two hot trends. Here is a recap and links to our updates.

  1. Are you ready for an upgrade to Microsoft 11? What new features and upgrades will you find in the latest version? You can read our technology update here.
  2. Do you have a cybersecurity insurance policy? If you do not, now is the time to consider adding this rider to your business insurance policy. If you already have coverage, we also have an update for you. Starting now, you may be required to implement MFA or Multi-Factor Authentication. Read our technology update and plan to implement MFA today.

Regional offices downsize

We have discussed Work from Home (WFH) and hybrid workforces with our clients for almost two years. As 2022 approaches, many organizations in the DMV region are considering downsizing the footprint of their office space. Downsizing is not just limited to our region; it has become a national discussion.

“68% of large companies plan to downsize their office space in 2022.” – Million Acres.

Although this will help organizations balance their IT budget, there are technology implications to the downsizing. Here are five trends to watch as you downsize:

  1. The transition to WFH came with a new inventory of laptops. And perhaps your organization decided to provide smartphones and/or tablets to many employees. Who is monitoring the lifecycle and the security of those new devices?
  2. When downsizing square footage, you may consider creating a hotel-style office environment. How will you manage the calendar for desk usage? Will security badges include a time-stamp approval?
  3. As WFH and a hybrid workforce continue, are you protecting your brand and corporate data? Do not let side-gigs, coffee shop "offices," and laptop sharing put your brand image at risk. It is time to establish updated work protocols. Browse our library of blogs for helpful tips.
  4. When was the last time you ran an audit of your cloud and software subscriptions? As the work environment changes, so do your subscription needs. If your organization downsized the workforce, ensure that you no longer pay subscription fees for empty desks.
  5. The software and online services that you use may now be offering more benefits and features. Review the benefits that are current and plan to implement any new features that may improve productivity.

Additional benefits of Microsoft Teams

As organizations plan to downsize their office space, one trend is quickly becoming an asset. If your group is using Microsoft Teams, consider using the solution for business calls. Not only can you call your co-worker, but you can also use a Teams conference room to hold a meeting with a group.

For a complete list of benefits, visit this Microsoft page. Here are the highlights that the MainSpring vCIOs are talking about with clients:

  1. Microsoft Teams provides a reliable phone solution with a centralized control with Microsoft 365.
  2. Employees can call from Teams, Outlook, and any mobile device.
  3. Implement cloud phone calls with voicemail.

Telephony with Teams is just one example of the benefits of watching and implementing current trends.

Ask your CIO

As your organization plans for 2022, ask your CIO about the current technology trends to support your mission. Are there technology trends that will improve your customer's experience? How about the work-life balance of your employees?

Now is the time to budget and plan to implement new technology trends.