Tech Gift Ideas for the Geeks in Your Life

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Tech gift ideas
As we head into the holiday season, CNS would like to make your shopping easier by providing technology gift ideas for the gadget-obsessed friends and family in your life. We hope that you find inspiration, or at the very least, get a kick out of some of the technology that’s out there this year.


Action cameras are a very popular technology that are sure to be on many wish lists this year. Mounted to a helmet, car, bike, or even a drone, you are sure to capture great video and great images with this action camera.

  • Available at electronic retailers or online
  • $400
  • Older models also available at discounted prices

DJI Phantom 2 Vision+ Drone

This top-of-the-line drone technology comes with a mounted camera capable of taking 25-minute flights while capturing 1080p quality video. This unprecedented photographic experience can be controlled by your Android or iOS device. It has GPS-based autopilot with a return to home feature. It comes with a high price tag so for those looking for a less expensive option I would recommend the Blade Nano QX at $108.99.

  • Available at electronic retailers or online
  • $1,159

Nest Thermostat

The Nest Thermostat is the next generation in lowering your heating and cooling bills. This device saves time and money by learning your household patterns and programs. By connecting the device to your home network it can be programmed from your smartphone or tablet. If you wake in the middle of the night, you can bump up the heat without ever needing to get out of bed!

  • Available at electronic retailers or online
  • $249

IronKey Workspace W300 (32GB)

The IronKey is a USB flash drive that allows you to boot a fully functional Microsoft Windows 8.1 desktop and provide your users with a system that mirrors your corporate desktop. We love this device because the data stored is encrypted and the only way to access the information is with the password the owner sets. Data and applications are automatically provided a strong protection from breach the moment users remove the flash drive from their PC.

  • Available at electronic retailers or online
  • $119.49

Samsung Gear S wearable device (Smartwatch)

Once you’ve synced this device with your Samsung phone, this smartwatch allows you to be connected even when your phone isn’t with you. Through the device you can call, text and email independently of a smartphone. Oh and by the way, it tells time too!

  • Available through mobile carriers
  • Cost varies based on your mobile plan

Surface Pro 3

  • This Microsoft tablet has been outfitted with an Intel multicore processor, and is capable of running with just 8 GB of RAM. These specifications rival most power and performance of laptops with a lightweight design.
  • Available at select electronic retailers or Microsoft stores
  • Prices vary based on the specifications that you choose

iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+

Apple has revamped their smartphone line to include the upgraded 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch HD displays. It has also packed more power into a thinner frame. They improved its wireless functionality and upgraded the camera technology, making this the best phone that Apple has released to date.

  • Available through most mobile carriers
  • Pricing may vary depending on your plan

Tryble Headphone Earmuffs

These stylish earmuffs will keep your ears warm and allow you to listen to music from your smartphone with the built-in high quality speakers.

  • Available online through Firebox
  • $31.29

Recharchable double-sided handwarmer/powerpack/flashlight

This is the perfect gift for the outdoor tech geek. This gadget features a double-sided hand warmer, a remote charging station and an LED flashlight all in one compact design.

  • Available online through Amazon
  • $35

Samsung Smart Refrigerator

Normally you wouldn’t expect to find a refrigerator on a gadget guide, but this is no ordinary product. This smart refrigerator comes with built in WiFi and an integrated LCD touchscreen. You can browse the Web or stream Pandora straight from your refrigerator. If your TV is capable of transmitting to external devices, you can use Samsung’s Kitchen TV to view your favorite program while whipping up dinner. If you have a Samsung S5 or Note3 you can mirror your phone onto the LCD display and make calls straight from the refrigerator!

  • Appliance retailers (check for holiday sales)
  • $3,600 and up