Why Your Business Needs a Disaster Recovery plan

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Imagine for a moment that you’ve closed many more clients than you had projected, and your billables have increased 2200%. You just landed a prime piece of real-estate on the corner of a main intersection a few months ago; the perfect opportunity for more people to notice you. You’re making moves, and business is great.

However, after a wonderful weekend riding on cloud nine from a business high, you didn’t expect to pull into your parking lot on Monday morning seeing a semi parked next to your custom-made fish tank – in your office. Before parking in your office, the truck decided to take out a few power line poles that services your office. You have no power, no office, and all your equipment now has tread marks on them.  

What do you do? How can you recover quickly to get back to operating normal? How do you get your employees back online and keep meetings flowing? How can you limit the disruption from a disaster? 

These are all valid questions that should have been asked months prior by designing a Disaster Recovery (DR) plan specifically created for your business. Something we’ve helped clients create to prevent the length of time your business is disrupted by a disaster.

The importance of a DR plan cannot be overstated. Unforeseen events can bring day-to-day operations to a halt, and an organization needs to recover as quickly as possible, so it can continue to provide services to its clients.  

From data security breaches to natural disasters, there must be a plan in place in case of a catastrophe. Not having a DR plan can put an organization at risk of high financial costs, reputation loss and even greater risks for its clients and customers. Organizations and businesses that do not currently have a plan in place may recognize its importance but struggle with getting started. Those who have not been affected by unforeseen events and costly unplanned downtime may even think that they are immune from disaster. However, it is better to be prepared since the cost of not having a plan in place can pose serious risks for an organization.  

Networks and data access can be knocked out without warning, thanks to natural and man-made disasters. You can’t stop them all from happening, of course, but with a good DR plan, you can be better prepared for the unexpected. 

At MainSpring, we can help you protect your organization from the effects of significant, negative events. A good DR plan will allow you to maintain or quickly resume mission-critical functions following a disaster.