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Call me old fashioned, but I have a pocket watch in my office that reminds me every day that legacy powers success. At least, that’s why I started MainSpring (formerly CNS and Anvil Dataworks) in 1993. I wanted our company to help people succeed in life and in business.

photo-watch-gears-Sachin%20SandhuOn the back of the pocket watch are four names with four birthdays: my grandfather, the original Marshall Micheals; my father, the second Marshall Micheals; my name and my son, Marshall Micheals IV. It’s been handed down through the generations and for me it represents the idea that I think all of us are attracted to. An idea of a legacy, something that spans generations. My father gave it to me when my son was born.

He told me it was my job to carry the family forward. My grandfather was a coal miner, coming from very little money, but provided a comfortable upbringing for his family. My father did a little better, earning an MBA and owned his own lime plant. He told me that when I got older, it didn’t matter what I did, as long as I was pushing the family forward with integrity and hard work. These values gave birth to my calling—technology and innovation.

What began as a cabling company we launched in 1993 is now a leading IT strategy and consulting firm driven by the idea of giving organizations better control, innovation and ownership of their mission. The inner workings of MainSpring are the fun and dedicated individuals who have adopted this legacy as their own. If we can bring our legacy to life in other organizations, to help their people thrive personally and professionally, have fun and raise their families—we’ve met our mission.

Our approach

In my experience, technology is the greatest medium for efficiency, growth and development. Without the principal functioning parts that make up a whole mechanism, technological leaps and bounds would be nonexistent. One of the most basic units of innovation that has kept man in step since its debut is that of the ultimate timekeeper—the watch. The watch itself became a symbol of legacy; that great heirloom connecting past generations with the future.

The mainspring is the essential element that drives the movement of the watch. It’s the force of this part that turns the clock’s wheels as it unwinds, providing the most important power source in that mechanical movement. Without it, the movement stops. Time stops. Reliability, progress and that partnership with fellow man is lost.

At MainSpring, we firmly believe that our mix of culture, people, processes and technology can power a legacy of success. We believe in the use of technology to increase productivity and to meet business goals. That’s why we take a consultative, personal approach to every client relationship and build on that relationship with each interaction.

Clients can rely on us for that consistent power source keeping them in tune with present time and demands. We get to know our partners and their goals. We look after their best interests. Indeed, our clients return to us again and again because we are passionate about quality; are dedicated to customer service; run our business honestly; and employ great people. It is through these means that MainSpring supplies the essential technological energy to ensure future success.

We believe that every organization’s leader would benefit to learn our unique perspective on technology costs and results. Our experience is that organizations are better off with us than without us. Our belief in our legacy and values will keep our clients moving forward.

I’m counting on MainSpring to help fulfill this promise. Now, it’s time to innovate.