Improve Customer Reviews with Technology

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The sale doesn’t end in the eCommerce shopping cart. How many times have you researched a product or read reviews before purchase? We all do our research. Lately, I have noticed a trend of high star reviews for the actual product and low star reviews for the sale's customer service.

Negative reviews may stunt your company's growth, and the problem may be tied to technology.

What is behind the negative reviews?

You may have a five-star product, but your company reviews are hit by a negative customer experience. Here is a list of common customer complaints that can be resolved through a reliable IT infrastructure.

  • My order was processed, and I wasn’t notified until later that the product was on back-order.
  • I placed an order, and it has been "in processing" for two weeks. What's the status?
  • I received the product but then could not get anyone in Customer Service to respond to my questions.
  • My order arrived damaged, and my email was never answered.
  • Customer service was excellent before I purchased and dropped to nothing after the sale.

If such statements are permeating your reviews, the good news is that a technology refresh will resolve many of your customer service and supply chain problems.

Supply chain technology improves sales

When the world of sales collides with supply chain management, one thing becomes clear. The supply chain is directly tied to the customer experience.

“The supply chain is integral to creating a positive customer experience. Metrics such as on-time delivery and quality can have an impact on repeat buys and expansion.”

Supply chain technology includes both software and hardware. New management technology is creating a buzz in the IT industry, but what are the risks of migrating to a young technology? Or is there more risk staying with your established solution?

Is this your company…did these actual customer reviews hit home?

“My order was processed, and I was later notified that the product was on back-order.”

Or this…

“I placed an order, and it has been "in processing" for two weeks.  What's the status?”

If negative reviews are tied to your supply chain or fulfillment, it may be time to seek advice.

Improve customer service with new technology

You may have a warehouse full of the current product, and you may take pride in your shipping methods. And then, your after-the-sale customer service falls short. Again, technology is the solution.

Here are five ways that technology can improve customer service:

  • Technology speeds communication through call-backs, emails, text message updates, and social media responses. This is where understanding the business process and matching it to tools that provide workflows and automation to reduce errors and eliminate communication gaps.
  • Additional customer self-serve options become available through a technology upgrade.
  • Convenience adds to a positive customer experience. Use technology to break any barriers to the purchase of your product. Speed the purchase by going cashless or using one-tap purchasing.
  • Use technology to improve the focus of your product marketing, including explainer videos.
  • Improve business team communication and have a positive impact on customer service.

You may have engineered a five-star product and have it ready to ship. Still, now it is time to improve your customer experience through technology.

Find the help you need

This blog may inspire you to browse your product and customer reviews. You may find that your supply chain problems really show up in customer reviews. Or you may learn that your customers are not receiving timely post-sale information. Now what?

Now is the time to consider working with a consultant. One that understands a good foundation but also business process reviews to solve core issues. It may be time to bring in an expert to give your team the lift it needs to take your business to the next level. Positive reviews indeed lead to additional sales. It is also true that a technology refresh most often leads to an increase in profits.

Recently, I wrote a blog about the benefits of advice from a virtual Chief Information or Technology Officer. You may be managing your business with blinders to the latest technology.  You need the advice of those that have their finger on the latest trends. You need to hear the pros and cons of new software and hardware solutions from someone with hands-on experience.

A popular MainSpring blog also includes ways to keep your employees motivated into 2021.  Research shows that motivated employees provide a positive customer experience. One way to motivate employees is to bring in contractors to help a company reach goals. If your goal is to improve the customer experience, consider hiring contractor support.

Meet Tiffany Bennett

In February 2021, Tiffany Bennett joined MainSpring. We have found the perfect vCIO to join MainSpring, and that person is Tiffany Bennett. Tiffany brings decades of experience in the DMV region to MainSpring and to our clients. She has helped associations use technology to build membership, and she has helped organizations streamline their technology protocols.

If you feel that your company would benefit from a technology refresh and IT management, read about MainSpring’s ProSuite Plan. We cannot wait to introduce you to Tiffany Bennett.