How to Create a Human Firewall to Protect Your Organization

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Creating a human firewall for your organization is not only a modern way to reduce risk, but it’s also the most effective defense against cybercriminals.

Why security awareness training?

…Ransomware, that's why.

Since September 2013, several crypto-ransomware strains are
attacking end-users and it's rapidly getting worse. You cannot just
rely on your filters anymore; you also must
train your end users and create a human firewall. Here are statements from real
system admins after they got hit with ransomware due to employee error:

  • Just paid twice for false invoices and requests. We got infected, found our staff was not prepared and suffered the financial consequences of $4,000 per transaction.”
  • We had our CEO and CFO emails compromised. We weren’t paying attention to the real sender and inadvertently responded.”
  • We lost over $7,000 in false transactions. That really caused a major problem and staff training could have prevented this.”
  • I was asked to reset my password in Microsoft Office 365. This really is the most confusing thing on the web: who to trust. We ended up mistakenly sending $10,000 to who we thought was a known vendor three months later.”
  • Oh no! Our comptroller opened the attachment, and her PC got infected. The phishing email passed through hosted email filtering, our 'advanced' firewall and the AV on the workstation. This caused a loss in staff productivity by not having a workstation for them to use for a full day.”

Despite knowing the security risks, many companies don’t
exactly know where to start when it comes to creating a security awareness
program that will work for their organization.

MainSpring eliminated the guesswork by partnering with best in class KnowBe4 to provide you with an Automated Security Awareness Program (ASAP).

ASAP is a revolutionary new tool for organizations, which allows you to create a customized security awareness program for your organization that will show you all the steps needed to create a mature training program in just a few minutes.

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